About - Forest Mystic

Welcome! I am Adam, the founder of Forest Mystic.

Forest Mystic was born out of my love of meditation and the forest.

When I returned to the UK, having spent several years in India, I found myself being drawn more and more to the quiet solitude of the forest, where I felt a deep stillness. I observed my body and mind relaxing. It was as though an old memory was returning to me of a simpler life, lived in harmony with the laws of Nature. The sense of separation between my body and its environment seemed to diminish. It occurred to me that many saints, mystics and shamans had lived alone in the forest as part of their awakening journeys and, somehow, I understood why. 

I feel we all can connect to the ancient archetype of the forest mystic by taking a few hours to be amongst the trees. Our culture has conditioned us to value only information-based knowledge, which has led us to overlook the deep and subtle transmission of wisdom that is always available from Mother Earth. As we learn to be silent, open and receptive, we can more easily connect with forgotten aspects and dimensions of ourselves. 

Each of us is a unique expression of Life. We all connect to Truth in many different ways: prayer, meditation, yoga, qi gong, dance, song - the list is endless. My aim here is to provide you with premium-quality, natural, handmade incense that you can use to create a beautiful atmosphere, whatever your path or practice. 

With love,




You can reach me by email at orders@forestmystic.co.uk.

Our physical address (for returns only) is:

Forest Mystic,
c/o James & James,
Liliput Road