Which is the best incense for relaxation and combatting anxiety?

Adam Robinson

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As a society, we are facing the issue of increased anxiety. I see anxiety as the unwanted and irrational feeling of fear. Fear is a powerful emotion and, at one level, a useful one. On a biological level, it helps us to avoid or escape dangerous situations. Here, though, we're talking about feeling fearful when we're not at risk or in any immediate danger, like fear of social situations or regarding our life circumstances such as financial problems or personal relationships.

I must admit that it also seems likely to me that the growing sense of restlessness and anxiety we feel is the inevitable side effect of our fast-paced, ultra-connected modern lifestyles. Don't get me wrong - I'm a huge fan of technology and the role it's playing in our society but, at the same time, we have to be honest and recognise that our nervous system wasn't designed to be constantly bombarded with this kind of stimulation. This causes a build up of energy in our system which, over time, seems to calcify into a prolonged state of anxiety. 

I want to be entirely transparent when I write and so I'll start by saying that incense alone isn't enough to get to the bottom of this issue. We must learn to value spaciousness and relaxation in our lives in order to live peacefully.

Having said that, the best incense for relaxation (and for soothing anxiety) is lavender, which has long been celebrated for its stress relieving properties. My Lavender incense is made with premium quality lavender from Kashmir. It has the slightly bitter, herbaceous smell of wild lavender rather than the cloyingly sweet scent that is sometimes used by other brands. 

In case you're not a fan of lavender, here are some other scents which might help:

  • Sandalwood based fragrances are grounding which can help keep your attention rooted in the present moment, rather than drifting off into thoughts and concerns.
  • A floral scent such as Rose or Orange Blossom will lift the energy of the room and please the senses.

  • Here are a few more suggestions for dealing with anxiety:

    1. Don't resist the way you feel. I believe that one of the greatest steps we can take is to make peace with all our emotions. So often we try to push aside what we're feeling in exchange for the way we want to feel, but this only creates inner conflict. When you start to feel anxious, try to accept the fear by giving it enough space in your experience to express itself. This allows our inner tensions to begin to dissolve.
    2. Create a nurturing atmosphere for yourself. You totally deserve a place where you can spend time focusing on your wellbeing. You'll feel better if this space is clean, free from clutter, and feels welcoming. You can burn some incense, light candles, put some beautiful art on the walls and make a comfortable space for you to sit. 
    3. Cultivate a meditative practice. I have heard meditation described as "just sitting quietly", "allowing everything to be as it is" and "momentarily abandoning all self-concern". Whatever it means to you, it's a wonderful gift to yourself to set aside some time each day for the sole purpose of relaxation. You could start by bringing your attention gently to the natural rhythm of your breath. Don't hold any expectations of how your meditation should be or try to force your attention. The aim is simply to allow yourself to fall naturally into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation. 

    Wishing you a peaceful day!

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